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About Us

Hello, Sabaidee and welcome to Dai and Dal’s blog.

For some people distance can make or break a friendship as keeping in touch with one another requires time and effort (and money in our case because Dai didn’t have an iPhone and long distance calls cost money). But lucky for us, distance only made our friendship stronger and we came to realise that what we have is quite unique. Despite being 2590 kilometers apart, we are going through very similar life events (Dal has 3 children and Dai will soon have her first child), we are both in the middle of building our new homes and we both share a love of cooking. And although it’s not the same, we can still raise a glass of wine to each other over Skype and its like we’re in the same room again.

So, what do you get when two best friends who have grown up in the same country, share the same passions in life and then end up living in different countries?

Well, what else is there to do but to start a blog? And hope that someone famous follows us…(like Ellen Degeneres or Brad Pitt).

But on a more serious note, we have always been passionate foodies but even more so as we’ve grown into adulthood and started our own families. We love food and we especially love to eat and share it with others. Over the years we have started to develop an interest in cooking dishes that we both grew up on, dishes that our mothers cooked when we were little girls, dishes from our motherland, Laos. This made us realise how important it is to preserve that part of our tradition and how we want to impart the same memories for our own families.

This blog is an opportunity for us to share with you our favourite Lao dishes as well as other dishes from around the world, and show case to you some new ways of creating authentic Lao classics with a modern twist and hope it ignites the cook in YOU.

Happy cooking, happy eating!

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