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Nam Som moo


So I decided to make my all time favourite dish, Nam Som Moo. I can eat this all day, everyday … this is my death row dish.

I love it that much!

Nam som consists of fried rice patties broken up into small crumbled pieces mixed with som moo, herbs and seasoning. Eaten with lots lettuce greens, herbs and chilli… Yum!

And so my journey to heaven begins.

Come along and you will see how easy it is to make … maybe it will become your new favourite dish as well.

What you need for the fried rice patties:

Cooked rice (3 cups uncooked)
300g fresh shredded coconut or dry
3 medium eggs
2 Tablespoons sugar
1 Tablespoon salt
2 Tablespoon chicken stock

Other ingredients you will need

3-4 eggs
500g som moo
Juice of 2 lemons
Spring onion
Roasted Peanuts (lightly crushed)
Dried whole chillies (fried)


Combine cooked rice and shredded coconut together along with salt, sugar and chicken stock. Toss together gently.

Mix eggs in separate bowl to combine then add to rice mixture.


Combine all ingredients.. Should be a soft mixture that you can mould together into firm patties. I try to make them as flat as possible, the more surface area that can be fried the better!

Mix the remaining eggs in a bowl lightly and season with salt.

20130131-222549.jpg 20130131-222303.jpg

Dip the rice patties in the bowl of egg mixture and coat generously then fry in oil until golden brown. Shallow frying is best for this i think. Fry the whole lot.

Once all patties are fried, Let them cool.


While the oil is still hot go ahead and fry the dried chilli… Only for a few seconds until they plump up. You may need to open a window!

20130131-222252.jpg 20130131-222239.jpg

While the patties are cooling this is when you can break up the som moo into tiny little pieces and
chop up the herbs (coriander and spring onion).


This is som moo. My mum made this for me. Its pork meat minced up with garlic, pork skin sliced thinly, seasoning … them left at room temperature for a day or two. The result is fermented, soured pork sausage … Yum! A vital ingredient in this dish.

Get all of your seasoning ingredients together.. Salt, sugar, lemon juice

Last step is to assemble the dish.

Break up the cooled rice patties.. Small pieces… Should still be nice and crunchy with a soft inside.


Add the som moo and seasoning, tasting as you go. Add the herbs and crushed roasted peanuts last.


Garnish with some fried dry chilli on the side.


Result is heaven on a plate! Enjoy with lettuce, and more herbs.

Happy cooking, happy eating!

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